The 4 Coolest Fuel Efficient Cars

You’ll often hear talk of America’s love of cars, but it’s a bit of a narrow view. The truth is people right across the globe are in love with the automobile and America just happens to be one of many nations that shares an obsession with four wheeled vehicles. Why do we love cars so much? For many it has a lot to do with the status symbol owning one represents or the cool factor if you prefer. Others simply own a vehicle for practical reasons so things such as fuel efficiency are more important to them than the cool factor. That begs the question why can’t you have both? It turns out there are fuel efficient cars that are also pretty cool. Here are our top 4 coolest fuel efficient cars.

The Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is one of the most icon cars around. Anyone that grew up in the 70’s or 80’s will probably remember seeing a few of them around. They were a popular little car in Europe and North America. The modern version may be even more popular and it’s definitely a very fuel efficient vehicle. A typical Mini Cooper is capable of travelling 100 km on just 6.2 litres of fuel. When you factor in that the tank holds about 44 litres of gas you quickly realize you can go pretty far on one tank of gas. Not bad at all.

Subaru Impreza

I have a friend with a Subaru Impreza and it’s a pretty cool looking car. He’s had it modified a little bit, but even out of the factory it’s a car that’s quite popular with the younger crowd. It’s a car with sleek lines and polished appearance. Of course to make this list it also had to be a fuel efficient vehicle and it does well in that regard as well. This car is capable of 23 miles to the gallon if you’re driving in the city and 31 mpg if you’re driving on the highway. You’ll be driving for hours before you ever have to refuel and you’ll look pretty cool in the process.

Audi A3

Audi’s have a reputation for great handling and great features so it’s refreshing to know that they also make a vehicle that’s environmentally friendly as well. We typically drive fuel efficient vehicles because we want to save a bit of money, but also because we want to do our part to save the planet as well. With the Audi A3 you get the benefit of German engineering and you get a fuel efficient vehicle that easily outperforms most cars on the road today. It can achieve 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

Mercedes BenZ E43

There are few car names that conjure up images of luxury quite like a Mercedes Benz, but they’re probably not what we think about when we’re thinking about the world’s best fuel efficient vehicles. There is at least one that deserves to make the list though it’s not because most people driving it are wearing the most popular sunglasses – as is the case with most Mercedes vehicles it’s well engineered and that includes technology that makes it more fuel efficient than most vehicles in the luxury car market. This vehicle will typically achieve about 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. That may not be quite as good as some of the other cars on this list, but it’s still pretty good for a luxury vehicle. It seems you can live in luxury and save the planet at the same time.