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About Us

The reason we created this site is simple – we simply love clean energy and fuel efficient cars. In our opinion whether or not you agree that global warming is a significant problem there’s no denying that gasoline powered cars are bad for the environment. That’s not up for debate. Even if the globe wasn’t warming up at a dangerous pace (it is by the way) we would still believe in the merits of seeking out alternative fuel technology to power our vehicles.

It may not seem quite so obvious if you live in a small town, but in big cities smog and pollutants can make the air almost unbreathable on some days. We have to break our dependence on fossil fuels before it’s too late. It’s gotten so bad in countries such as Mexico and China that they actually ban cars from being driven on some days. For all of these reasons and many more we love clean energy. If you share our passion for it we encourage you to explore our site and learn all about fuel efficient vehicles and why we should be making the switch today – not 5 years from now.

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The webmaster has done all steps possible to verify the testimonials that appear on this site. They were treated as typical user expectations according to the details available at the moment of publication. Reviews were made to verify their reliability every time. If a statement sounds not true then the owners of this site regard this as such and don’t submit it on the website. The builders of this website will usually suggest items based partially on a good faith belief that such products will help the customer getting it. The owner has good faith belief, because he has either ed the services or products prior to giving any testimonials, or the owners have studied the products based on the manufacturer’s background. The recommendations about the products are truthful feelings based on resources known to the webmaster at the time a service or product is pointed out on the site.

Where extracts have been shown from other observers, message boards, or other customer feedback, these are in no way to be seen as verifiable results. All viewers are strongly cautioned to do their own searches prior to making a purchase shown on this site.

Our intention is to be 100% truthful at all times. If however you find something displayed on this website, that you do not really believe, then please email us promptly and we will check it. We have the right to withdraw the publication of any service or product that does not live up to our very high level of satisfaction without any prior notice. Any credibility and truthfulness is essential to us all of the time

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The owners’ point of view about a service or product may be formed in part on the fact that the owner might get commissions for the product. The type of the relationship is enough to effectuate a financial relationship between the owner and the vendor. There will be circumstances where the owner will not receive commissions relating to the products or services on this website. You should presume that the owner has a material partnership with the product or service suppliers, because the owner has is given or is likely to receive something of financial value from the supplier. You should always perform your own due diligence before buying a product or service included on this website.

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Many links on http://www.bonnieclac.org/ are affiliate advertisement links. What this means is that a special tracking code is used and that I will earn a small commission on the sale of a product in case you purchase through one of such links.The costs of the product is the same for you , whether it is an affiliate link or not, and affiliate links help me to maintain this website and provide for my loved ones.