We’ll help you pick the right car
We’re experts about cars and the car industry. We’ll discuss your needs with you, and help you select a reliable car that will get you where you need to go.

We’ll help you buy an affordable, reliable car that will last
It’s likely that you can afford a newer, more reliable car that isn’t likely to break down. Here’s where the experts at Bonnie CLAC can help. We work with banks and reputable car dealers to find you a better, more reliable car that will last you for years, not months. You’ll have predictable payments you can afford. Often, your monthly payment will be the same or lower than an older car at a higher interest rate.

More reliable equals less stress
You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re getting to work or picking up the kids after school. And without the risk of unexpected repair or maintenance costs, there’s much less risk of getting behind on your car payments. To start the process now, complete this short online form.

We negotiate with the dealer so you don’t have to
We know how dealers work. Many of us used to work in the auto industry, and we have the experience and the information you need. When you buy a car through us, you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal.

We can arrange financing
We’ve helped people with great credit, poor credit, or even no credit history at all. We guarantee your loan to make sure you get a very low interest rate. If you have poor credit, we’ll take an honest look at your finances, and we’ll work with you to build your credit for the long term.
It might surprise you to learn how little of your car payment actually pays for the car you’re driving. That’s where we can help. Bonnie CLAC works on your behalf with banks and car dealers to make sure that your money is going where it belongs: toward the best car possible for you and your family.
We may recommend that you take our Financial Fitness classes, so you can gain the skills you need to succeed in your car loan. Then, we’ll go to bat for you with local banks and get you the lowest possible interest rate. This way, more of your payment goes toward a better car.

Need a car right away?
You’re not alone. Many of our clients come to us because their old car finally broke down, and they need a reliable way to get to work. But before you head straight to your local used car lot, consider these facts: With used cars, the monthly payment isn’t your only car cost. Although most of us focus on the monthly car payment, there are many other costs to consider when buying an older used car. Regular maintenance and gas costs are often much higher. They’re also more likely to break down unexpectedly, leaving you with high repair bills and no way to get to work. Much of your payment goes to interest and profit, not your car If you can’t qualify for a low interest rate, much of your used car payment is eaten up by interest and sales profit. Sure, you’ll get a working car today. But how do you know that car won’t break down again in six months? Can you afford what it will cost to repair?

Why use us?
We’re on your side
We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to doing right for our clients. Our financial support comes entirely from our clients and from grants and individual donors, not from dealers or the auto industry. This means that we’re always working for you to get the best possible car at the best price.

We’re good at what we do
Since we started in 2001, we’ve delivered more than 850 cars to our clients. We put our years of experience in the auto industry to work for you.

We save you time and money
We do charge a fee for our services, most of which is included in your monthly car payment. These fees help pay the cost of providing service. Although each client’s situation is unique, most people end up saving substantial money by working with us to buy their car.

We’ll take the mystery out
Though we’ve sometimes been accused of working magic, there’s absolutely nothing mysterious about what we do. Still curious? We can show you the numbers or tell you a little more about what we do.

You’re supporting a great cause
When you buy your car through us, you help support our programs. Though we serve companies as well as people from all walks of life, Bonnie CLAC’s primary mission is to help people with lower incomes navigate the difficult waters of the auto industry. Many of our clients come to us in need of a car; with the help of our client consultants and Financial Fitness classes, they leave with a whole new understanding of their personal finances.