Do you worry whether your car is going to start in the morning? Probably not often. But your own employees may be driving unreliable, fuel-inefficient, older used cars with high repair costs, financed at high interest rates. For these individuals, reliable transportation is typically a never-ending concern.
Partnering with Bonnie CLAC is a good investment in your employees and your bottom line. With our help, your company can increase the retention, stability and financial savvy of your workforce. Please read on…

Bonnie CLAC helps people buy cars through information, negotiation assistance, knowledge of the automobile industry and a loan guarantee that assures them a very low interest loan. The program along with the new car helps people to make budget and life style improvements that increase job and family stability.

The family car is one of the largest single purchase decisions that individuals ever make. All too often, people make this decision with inadequate information. They may face challenges brought on by weak financial status; poor credit records, and limited negotiating skills. Bonnie CLAC can change all that. Bonnie CLAC clients realize significant savings each year in reduced interest charges, fuel costs and repairs: Our clients save thousands of dollars in interest and other costs. We guarantee our clients’ loans while assuring a pre-negotiated low interest rate and offering a comprehensive financial fitness course. In short, we change peoples’ lives every day through our program.

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How does this work?

We make it very easy for you. Our corporate partners simply open their communication channels to Bonnie CLAC; we do the rest. First we’ll ask you
How does your staff best receive information?
Do you have an intranet or website? We can provide text of any length to help your employees understand the program.
Do you have an employee newsletter? We can provide a series of articles that outline the cost savings and other benefits to joining Bonnie CLAC.
Do you distribute paychecks internally? We can provide a series of paycheck stuffers to pique interest or provide a testimonial series.
Do your staff gather in a central location for lunch or breaks? We can provide a poster display to encourage their participation.
Does your organization offer guest speakers at its staff meetings? We can offer a presentation or car buying workshop of any length.
Next, we’ll design a customized outreach campaign for your organization. Once you help us set up the communication channels, we’ll manage the process for you.

How do I insure a return on my investment?

We work very closely with our corporate partners to insure that their investment with us is valuable. We also want to demonstrate that Bonnie CLAC creates tangible change within an organization. The progress of our clients enrolled with Bonnie CLAC is closely tracked. While their confidentiality is maintained through the program, most clients who graduate from our program give us permission to utilize their name and information in our program development efforts. We therefore work closely with our corporate partners to gauge the post-graduation progress of our clients, asking the following
Do they demonstrate improved overall job performance?
Are they able to maintain a better on time work record?
Have they limited or stopped taking advances on their paychecks?
(and any other questions we mutually determine are helpful benchmarks)
Please contact us for more information or with any questions you might have.