The amount of time that we spend on getting a brand new car may not be spent on getting the right insurance. This practice tends to build a form of regret later in life. So by all means, it is quite essential to get your head straight around car insurance because it is a matter of prime importance. For the purpose, we have piled together the right points that begin with an introduction and go till the end where you understand all aspects of car insurance 4d malaysia. Hence, here’s all that you need to know about car insurance.

The Introduction

To understand car insurance policies, you need to learn and explore matters of premium. The concept of the premium is quite simple, and it comes along with all insurance policies. It tries to state the point of “use it or lose it”. Using it tends to refer to an accident or an incident and losing it tends to talk about a situation where you lose the premium because you haven’t used it. In order to get the right amount, various factors determine the premium 12joker Malaysia.


Factors that determine your premium tend to go from the model of the vehicle to purpose of the vehicle. All these factors are put together to help an individual avail the best kind of policy that suits their set of needs. Matters will also come to your benefit if your vehicle has safety devices. The factors of benefit talk about discounts that help you reach a price of convenience.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

Insured Declared Value stands to be the maximum amount an insurer can pay for your vehicle, which is also the market value. The IDV lies the ground for premium and is calculated based on the showroom’s listed price. But the value will never remain the same since depreciation is also calculated through time. Thus, each time you renew the policy, the new value gets added.


Once you’ve understood aspects of premium, you need to go ahead to look into the contents of a motor car insurance policy. In other words, one needs to know the factors and incidents that are covered by the system.

1. Personal Accidents

In the unfortunate event of such accidents, costs will be covered, and the insurer will make sure of the same. Both you and your family will be secured under this plan.

2. Caused Due to Natural Calamities

Aspects or events that take place outside your control will also be covered under this plan.

3. Caused due to Human-Made Calamites

Apart from natural calamities, one will also get coverage for human-made disasters such as theft, strike, terrorist activity, burglary, riot, and so on.