How many times have you sat in commuter traffic stewing over the money that’s slowly siphoning out of your pockets as your gas guzzling car idles in the never ending gridlock? It’s a frustrating experience that the majority of working people have to deal with on an almost daily basis and while it may seem like something that’s as inevitable as your annual tax bill it doesn’t have to be.

Making the switch to a fuel efficient car can eliminate a lot of the frustrations associated with an inefficient older vehicle. It may seem like the cost of switching to a new fuel efficient vehicle outweighs the fuel savings you’ll experience, but that’s not necessarily the case if you approach the issue at the right time. In the rest of this article we’re going outlying the main reasons you should be making the switch to a fuel efficient vehicle today.

Keep Money in Your Pocket
Probably the main reason you’d consider switching to a fuel efficient vehicle would be to keep money in your pocket and if you’re smart about it you will. It pays to do your research and to help you out we’ve done a little bit of that for you. The top three fuel efficient vehicles in 2017 according to the US Department of Energy are: the Smart fortwo cabriolet, the Smart fortwo coupe, and the Fiat 500e.

Of course you have to like the car you’re going to drive, so if none of the top three sound appealing to you then you may want to check out the full list on the US Department of Energy’s website for yourself. There’s a great deal of variety available that should suit most tastes. With the money you can save on one of these fuel efficient cars in the long run you can use it to purchase some great water power washers and keep that new vehicle nice and clean.

Saving the Environment One Car at a Time
Another great reason to switch to a fuel efficient vehicle is so that you can do your part for the environment. It’s short sighted to think that the pollution problems caused by internal combustion engines are a problem for future generations. These problems are very real and they’re affecting the way we live our lives today. In some of the world’s largest cities such as Beijing and Mexico City they often implement car bans when pollution approaches dangerous levels. We need to convince people to make the switch to fuel efficient vehicles today not in a few years from now.

Towards a Sustainable Economy
The bottom line is that oil won’t be around forever. It’s a finite resource and eventually it will run out. Granted, we’re talking about a time frame of 50 to 100 years before this becomes a real concern, but why wait until it’s too late? Hybrid and electric vehicles can break our dependence on these non-renewable energy sources and move us towards a sustainable and renewable economy that’s better for everyone concerned. It’s no longer a matter of if we should make the switch to energy efficient vehicles, but rather how soon we can get this done.

Market Freedom
Finally, it’s important to remember that our dependence on carbon based fuels can cause wild fluctuations in our economy. The oil cartels often make moves to control the price of fuel to support their own agendas – not because it’s actually in the interest of the majority of the world’s population. By moving away from an oil dependent economy we can eliminate our reliance on unstable regimes and their erratic policies.